New possibilities

Virtual Events

Virtual Events are becoming more and more important for the entire entertainment industry. After the outbreak of COVID-19, most public events were cancelled & are highly restricted if not prohibited even today, though companies still would like to show their products, do keynotes or stage events. Artists want to reach and entertain their audiences. This is where Depence comes into play. Its powerful real-time rendering engine allows to display entire complex stages and equipment fast enough & in high quality to be directly used in a livestream.

Aurora Music Festival
by Unicus
Virtual Event Arena
by Live Legends

Greenscreen Studios

One of the most important tasks for a virtual event to happen, is to get one or more actors onto the virtual stage. In Depence you can receive a live camera signal via NDI and display your video on a virtual 2D plane which also can automatically be axis-aligned to your virtual camera. Depence also comes with an integrated real-time Chroma-Key feature to mask out the background of the video.