Depence R3 is the latest major release within our Depence software system and stays true to our well-known and popular licensing model: You only must pay for the software tools that are important for your multimedia show project. Whether you just would like to pre-viz lighting and fountains or control an entire project, several modules are available and can be combined as necessary. All license modules are unlimited* in terms of the number of fixtures or DMX, lasers, and video input streams.

Real-time Visualization of...
  • Intelligent & Conventional Lighting
  • Stage Automation
  • Videowalls
  • Video Projection Mapping
Real-time Visualization of...
  • Static and dynamic fountain effects
  • Improved Realtime Fluid Simulation
  • Fountain Lighting and Projection
  • Modular Fixtures
  • Dependency connections
Real-time Visualization of...
  • Firework
  • Fire & Flamejets
  • Sparks Fountains
  • Co2 Jets
  • Fog Machines
  • Ground Fog
Real-time Visualization of...
  • Laser Projection Simulation
  • Scanner Simulation
  • Atmospheric Laser Effects
  • Support of Pangolin & LA Sollinger
  • DMX controlled Lasers (Laserlink)
Rendering and Animation
  • Virtual Reality
  • Camera-Tracking
  • FX-Sound Engine
  • HQ Video- & Image Rendering
  • Key-Frame & Character animations
  • Terrain tools
  • Water surfaces
  • Animation Timeline & Programmer
Show Control & Programming
  • Customizable Live-Panel
  • Timeline based Programming
  • Programmer and Palettes
  • Show Export to V:Server & V:Nano
  • Multi-user Repository
  • Direct DMX-Output (ArtNET, ACN)
  • Scheduler
  • Node based Logic


Distribution by Syncronorm

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Distribution by Dasheng Studio

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North America

Distribution by Pangolin Laser Systems

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Is this an annual subscription license model?

No. The license modules are perpetual licenses and valid for the current major release of the Software.

Can I add license modules later?

Yes. All modules can be combined and purchased at any time.

Do I get Updates for free?

Yes. All Updates for the currently purchased major release are free. Once we will offer a new major release, there will be upgrades to move your existing modules to the new major release.

How do I get the software?

After purchasing via our distribution channels or our online shop, you will receive your Depence starter package including your personal USB-License dongle, which holds your licensed modules. Once you purchase an additional module, your dongle will be updated automatically when connected to the internet.

Do I get free library updates?

Yes. Our service team is non-stop working on the overall cloud based asset library which will be updated automatically on your machines once connected to the internet. Customer requests of specific missing or wrong fixtures will be uploaded depending on current workload and priority.

On how many machines can I install Depence?

Because the Depence license system is Dongle-based, you can install Depence on as many machines as you want. It is only working when your USB License Dongle is connected to the computer.

Can I upgrade from DepenceĀ² or older versions?

Yes, we are offering upgrades for existing DepenceĀ² users. Please note that you would need to upgrade your complete license at once to make use of the newest features and improvements of Depence R3. Please use our Upgrade section to get in touch with our sales team.

(*) The Software actually supports 1024 DMX Universes. All other quantities are depending on the available hardware resources.