Depence² in use to create virtual live experiences

Depence² in use to create virtual live experiences

With Live @ Home, Live Legends are planning an impressive series of virtual live events, which are being created with the help of Depence².

After starting to plan & visualize their prestigious projects with Depence² earlier this year, Dutch event designers Live Legends are focusing on a new & creative way to present their show concepts all digital. Due to socio-cultural restrictions, making events happening online is a fine and fresh way to bring show content to audiences at home. With the Live @ Home concept, Live Legends are bringing this idea to life as they try to capture the nature & mood of live experiences on a whole new level.

With Depence², Syncronorm’s powerful & innovative multimedia show design software, Live Legends have found the ideal tool to design impressive 3D-worlds for their future online events. In this way, it is possible to create any kind of stage or event location. Combined with streaming technologies & recording methods, shows even can be moderated by persons in live action, all without an actual stage. The safety to create & watch these events from home thereby grants another bonus. From small conferences, up to award ceremonies or large virtual concerts, in the virtual world anything is possible.

Hereby, Depence² makes it possible to render all kinds of multimedia show elements in real-time, e.g. stage lighting, fountains, laser, special-effects or various animated characters/objects. In this way small & intimate areas as well as vast stadium shows can be created on any scale by using the many different tools Depence² has to offer, for example the extensive 3D world editor.

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