Standalone Showplayer


The V:Server is our interactive standalone show controller, which is designed to play back complex multimedia timecode shows composed using the Depence Software. The support of industry standard protocols and interfaces like DMX-RDM, ArtNET, sACN, ModBus, SMPTE and many more guarantees a seamless integration into any multimedia show installation. The different versions of the V:Server ranging from U8 over U16 to U48 are allowing you to control up to 48 DMX Universes. The 7” touch screen interface offers a quick and easy access to all important settings and status messages. The Live-Panel offers a fully customizable human interface for your customer, on a second touch screen or remotely on any tablet device. The real-time calculation engine along with the powerful node-based logic feature, offers maximum flexibility for any kind of autonomous and interactive installation. The V:Server comes with optically isolated digital/analog inputs & outputs to directly connect sensors and triggers, e.g. to measure water levels, wind levels or gas pressure of your multimedia installation.

Create, Connect, Control.

Key Features

BMI - Logic Automation
Touch-optimized HMI/LivePanel
Timecode I/O
DMX-RDM Support
ArtNET RDM Support
Sensor Connectivity
Remote Access
Music Playback
Video Playback
Dimensions19“ 3HE 330mm depth (482 x 330 x 178)
Weight8,2 kg
Protection ClassIP 20
Power Supply110V / 230V 50/60Hz AC max. 350W
Operation Temperature0..40°C / 0..80% humidity
Connectors4x DMX-RDM Neutrix XLR 5pin, 1x SMPTE Timecode input or output XLR 3pin
 2x Ethernet RJ45, 2x Audio output symmetric stereo XLR 3pin
 1x HDMI Monitor output, 1x RS232, 3x USB 2.0 (1x front, 2x back)
 1x Digital Output 25pol SUB-D, 1x Digital Input 25pol SUB-D, 1x Analog Port 37pol SUB-D
Memory8 GB RAM, 512GB internal NVMe M.2 SSD
Display7" internal Touch Display