Laser Simulation

Lasers perfectly fit to fountains and lighting and are becoming more popular in the industry. Depence features products from major laser companies, that you can include into your project and visualize in real-time. Characteristics of lasers such as scanner inertia and beam divergency can be applied to make your rendering more realistic.

Scanner Simulation

Real laser scanners or so-called galvanometers are physically limited in speed, because of their mass. For that reason, laser graphic designers need to balance between the scan rate and image complexity to avoid flickering while keeping the image correct. Since this can be a challenge, Depence can simulate this behavior correctly to offer laser graphic designers the most perfect visualization.

Beams and Atmospherics

Depence simulates the atmospheric effects of lasers as realistic as possible in real-time. It offers separate rendering settings for intensity, dynamic clouds, and fluid-like effects. Furthermore, Hot-Beams are taking care about the laser diode divergency and are getting thicker in distance.

Lasershow Control Systems

Depence supports all major laser control systems like Pangolin Beyond. BEYOND is a professional laser design software made for lighting professionals and used to create the world's highest quality laser shows and effects. BEYOND provides you with a complete suite of tools to create any sort of laser display you can imagine, and then gives you the functionality to control your content however you desire.

DMX controlled Lasers

Lasers are usually controlled by an analog ILDA signal or proprietary ethernet protocols while being driven by a professional laser control system. But there are also simpler solutions on the market, to program lasers by DMX like a simple light fixture. One of those tools is LaserLink, which is also supported by Depence. Using this intelligent fixture, you can add lasers to your visualization without an external laser control system.