As realistic as possible

Stage Visualization

From professional preprogramming to high-end video presentations, our multimedia show design & visualization software Depence has been growing to be one of the most advanced systems within the entertainment industry. The visualization capabilities of Depence are reaching from small club shows to large festival stages way beyond imagination, altogether with an aspiration for highest quality & realism.



Saving time, energy & money are driving forces for an efficient pre-programming process. While Depence has been used as pre-programming system on many different productions, the advantage of an all-through multimedia show visualizer offers new possibilities for designers and operators to join forces & instantly create stunning shows even before the first stage lights come on.

Console Connectivity

Depence can be connected to any common lighting console by using ArtNET or sACN.

Quality & Performance

The perfect balance between real-time performance & realism is most important for pre-programming processes. Depence has already been brought to proof in show projects with thousands of fixtures.

Swift Workflow

Depence supports new industry standards like the MVR format which offers a swift and efficient workflow & allows you to use already existing tools like VectorWorks.

Exclusive Features

Grade of Detail

We at Syncronorm are always working on the latest innovative visualization features. Even very complex & exclusive types of fixtures and their functionalities are supported with highest detail, e. g. the unique ROBE flower effect, JDC1 strobes or the Minuit Une IVL.

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Detailed Fixtures

Our cloud-based fixture library is getting updated automatically on a regular basis. We are always focusing on building our virtual fixtures as detailed as possible, providing realistic 3D models, photometrics & DMX behavior. If a fixture feature is not available, we make it available if necessary.

Truly Multimedia

Depence's visualizer engine does not only support intelligent lighting, it also features complex and flexible GPU driven particle systems to realistically simulate Special-FX devices like Flames, Co2, Smoke or Sparkle effects.

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