Depence comes with a fully customizable Special-FX particle engine. This allows the visualization of features like flames, CO2 jets, dynamic ground fog, spark fountains and many more.


Dozens of different and fully customizable parameters allow us to create any kind of flame fixture whether it is gas or liquid based. Even the surroundings are getting illuminated by the direct light of each fire particle.


The FX particle engine also supports opaque elements such as CO2 canons, fog machines and even ground fog. This feature fully interacts with all lighting and projections.


The engine also supports any kind of sparkle effects, which e.g. can be a fountain or rain, same as flame particles emitting direct light into the scene. All physical parameters are adjustable.

Firework System

Depence R3 comes with a full feature Firework particle simulation system. Firework effects also emit smoke particles and emit light back into the scene on the smoke itself. Our new Firework simulation supports most common types of fireworks and comes with a library of 3500+ different effects and calibers. Build your own effects by using the asset builder, too.

Along with the new ability to realistically simulate Firework, we also introduce an efficient workflow to program firework shows on the Depence Timeline. The Firework-System is available with the Special-FX Module of Depence R3.

Firework Integration

The new Firework simulation system has been fully integrated into the timeline of Depence R3. It is now possible to quickly create stunning firework shows perfectly synchronized together with all other show elements included in the software. With Depence it is possible to present your customer a full concept for a true multimedia show programmed on a single timeline.