The Depence rendering system is the first 3D engine, which combines high quality architecture rendering with the simulation of show technologies. This allows designers and architects to integrate all kinds of multimedia elements such as fountains, video walls or lighting into their designs while providing photorealistic renderings and video animations, all of which can be controlled and simulated as in reality.

Terrain Tools

Creating natural landscapes has never been easier. The terrain sculpturing tool in Depence offers a vast range of tools to sculpt the terrain with your mouse. Using multi-layered material painting you can even draw any material directly onto the terrain. The mass placement tool allows to place vegetation onto the terrain surface.

Atmosphere Rendering

By the use of real-time atmospheric scattering, it is possible to change the look of your scene, suiting the time of day, by changing the sun's direction and altitude with immediate results. Easily change weather conditions by choosing from the cloud presets. It is also possible to import real sky custom HDRI cube map images.