Fountain Control & Visualization

With vast experience within the industry, Syncronorm design soft- & hardware solutions specialized for any kind of breathtaking fountain show. With our fountain control system Depence, we provide a vast & customizable range of software, which not only contains powerful tools for designing and controlling your multimedia fountain project, but which also comes with the possibility to visualize it in a high-end real time 3D environment. The Syncronorm Depence system is operating on many installations around the world, please see the Projects section on the website for more details.

From small to massive shows
Suiteable for all kinds of Installations

Show Control

Experience the effective workflow with Depence in combination with our dedicated hardware units such as the V:Server and the V:Nano range. Depence allows you to realize projects ranging from small & intimate standalone fountains up to large, monumental multimedia installations with more than hundreds of nozzles synchronizing with lasers, video projections, lighting, fireworks, and other special effects. The Depence system offers hardware and software solutions to satisfy even the most ambitious needs. With the help of the unique Depence 3D visualization system, show programmers can also create shows offline without even having to visit the installation.

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Offer Animations

Through the combination of concept- and 3D design, the Depence rendering engine can deliver professional looking movie quality animations for existing, planned, or conceptual systems. The scenes created in this process can also be exported via our hardware to become real life data for your shows. Our animations can be a massive aid at the tender stages of a project where the end customer gets to see a professional, fully animated show of what their installation will look like rather than just a flat 2D plan view.

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High Quality Shows from your Office

Our Depence system includes a powerful visualizer which can simulate fountains and other effects in real time. Show designers and programmers can create highly creative shows in a comfortable and intuitive visual timeline environment without leaving the office. Productivity and creativity are no longer bound to the limited time at the construction site. Depence features many tools and features, specifically designed for the programming of fountains, which makes show design easier than ever before.

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Made In Germany

With our range of SyncroTools, Syncronorm offers hardware solutions to connect Depence to your fountain system. You will find highly custom-made solutions suiting your needs, ranging from high end stand-alone server units to RDM-compatible DMX-Demultiplexers. Our equipment is carefully manufactured on highest standards in our factory in Germany.

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Connectivity & International Standards

The Depence control system uses the industry standard protocols of DMX-RDM, ArtNET, Modbus, RS232 and many more. Many existing systems with unique protocols can also be retro fitted by using devices from our SyncroTool range.

  • ArtNET
  • MIDI
  • Analog I/O 0-10V
  • Digital I/O
  • TCP/UDP Messages
  • ModBUS┬« TCP
  • Newtek┬« NDI


Reduce your costs for maintenance, as Depence also allows you to oversee your fountain installations by integrating versatile sensors such as Anemometers and low water tracking via DMX & RDM connection. Maintain the stability of your equipment as Depence can provide detailed logging and messaging of every status, event or error that could occur on your system and prevent errors from happening. The Syncronorm V:Server offers remote online usage allowing you to support your customers from your office at any time.

Main Fountain Project
Longwood Gardens
Haicang Lake Fountain project
Hemer Elementarium