Show Control

Heavily focusing on helping you to perfectly create synchronized & pre-programmed multimedia shows, Syncronorm Depence allows you to instantly visualize your project in a real time 3D environment. Depence allows designers to entirely focus on the process of show design itself particularly without being on site and even before realizing the installation.


Visual Patching

All fixtures within Depence are visually patched onto a 2D design surface to offer you maximum clarity. The innovative concept of Dependencies allows the instant connection of fixtures such as Nozzles with Valves and Valves with Pumps. All changes in the 2D View will be immediately visible in the real time visualizer. The 2D View has features for easily grouping and numbering fixtures to aid the process of fountain programming.


In order to compensate for discrepancies between different manufacturer devices such as pumps, Depence offers a profile editor to define any kind of mathematical compensation curve.

Advanced Grouping & Selection

Depence features functions allowing the programmer to create complex runs & chases in any geometrical form by using innovative selection tools.

Powerful FX Engine

Depence features a powerful FX Engine to create endless combinations of mathematical Wave effects. The combination of the Advanced Selection tools and the flexible FX Engine allows the programmer to create simple but highly creative effects.

Matrix Effects

Depence also features a powerful 2D graphical matrix engine which lets you create countless combinations of Matrix style effects on any fixture arrangement. Simply type Text onto a big fountain matrix or create artistic metaball effects in combination with color gradients.

Multimedia Timeline


The Depence timeline feature is the heart of every show. Static and dynamic Scenes are created then simply inserted into timeline tracks. Multiple audio tracks can be simply added. The timeline also offers several powerful features like In/Out Delay, ColorTracks, Automatic Lighting Control (ALC) and many more.

Automatic Lighting Control
Flexible Markers
Lighting Color Tracks
Nested Sequences
Message Cues
Export & Operation

Standalone Operation

Once your show has been created with Depence, it can be uploaded to one of our hardware solutions such as the V:Server or the V:Nano. We have various units depending on the size of your requirements. The V:Nano offers a fully automated solution by using in in-built scheduler, whereas the V:Server can also be used in manual mode via the Live Panel.

Live-Panel (HMI)

The V:Server touch optimized Live Panel or so called HMI (Human Interface) can be the main surface for the system operator. All pages are individually customizable. Each page can hold Scenes, Shows, Announcements, Status Information and many more. The Live Panel is a perfect solution for manual operation or for maintanance purposes.

For more information check out the V:Sever & V:Nano SyncroTools

V:Server   V:Nano