Standalone Showplayer


Made even for the roughest environments, the V:Nano represents Syncronorm’s smart solution for smaller & more intimate fountain show installations. The V:Nano 512 or 1024 “music” this show controller is a DIN-rail fan-less & ruggedized embedded system with a highly efficient low power CPU chipset. The V:Nano can withstands wider temperature ranges while featuring DMX 512/1990 ports, an isolated Ethernet port with 10/100 Mbit, a micro SD card slot and a 2x16 LCD segment-display. A perfect match for smaller stand-alone fountains as well as musical fountain installations, the two both feature 8x digital I/O’s. The V:Nano  is fully compatible with our fountain control system Depence, from Architect version to Ultimate. Easily enhance your workflow by uploading shows via SD card or your local network.

Key Features

DIN-Rail Mounting
Full RDM Support
Seonsor Connectivity
Remote Control
V:Nano Scripting
SD-Card Memory
Music Playback
 V:Nano 512V:Nano 1024 Music
Dimensions160x90x58 mm DIN RAIL
Weight0.33 kg
Protection ClassIP 20
Power Supply15..24V DC / 8W
Operation Temperature0..40°C / 0..80% humidity
Outputs1x DMX-RDM 512ch2x DMX-RDM 1024ch
 -3.5mm Audio
 8x Digital Output (24V DC, max 1A)
Inputs8x Digital Input (max 30V DC)*
Audio PlaybackNoYes
MemorymicroSD Card


* One Digital-Input can be used to connect an optional available digital Anemometer.