Dear Customers,

Depence R3 has been proved as a powerful and highly reliable multimedia show control and design tool for fountain installations around the globe and has been exceptionally well received by professionals in our industry. This counts not only for the optimized, faster and easier design possibilities but also for the control of small as well as large fountain systems. Depence R3 is based on many years of experience in the field of fountain control and is an improved continuation of our worldwide established software brand Depence.

In order to be able to guarantee the best functionality of all systems controlled with Depence software in the future, we recommend an upgrade of the Depence 1 software to the latest version Depence R3. In the meantime, Depence 1 has received a final update, which is now available. The Depence 1 software will not be further developed or supported after this update, which contains numerous demanded bug fixes and performance improvements.

As a result, production and support for the V:Server3 will also be discontinued. Depence R3 takes advantage of the many new features and even further improved performance of Syncronorm's V:Server4, our newest and most advanced powerhouse in multimedia fountain control.


What does this mean for you?

Depence 1 as well as the V:Server3 hardware series will be ultimately discontinued by the 31st December 2023. No further support or updates will be delivered. A limited number of V:Server3 are still in stock and can be purchased for exchange/replacement purposes. After that, we cannot guarantee replacement or spare parts of any kind for older models.

Why is this happening?

Depence 1 has been successfully used in the global fountain industry for 10 years and we can look back at an impressive history of stunning projects and shows. Based on this experience and the constant feedback from our customers, we have released the latest Depence version R3 in early 2023, which offers new groundbreaking possibilities in the field of water show control and visualization, which would have been unthinkable due to technical limitations in Depence 1.

One crucial factor, for example, is the way water fixtures work in R3, which takes our innovative concept of dependencies to a whole new level. Thus, Depence R3 offers a new, improved and technically state-of-the-art fixture service that far exceeds the capabilities of Depence 1.
However, this is only a fraction of the improvements we have made in the latest Depence software version. To learn more about the modular design of Depence R3, click here.

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The entire team here at Syncronorm would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past business with Depence and is looking forward to working with you all closely using our newest version Depence R3. Please visit our website or our Facebook page to see some of the exciting projects our clients are already creating with Depence R3.


Will my Depence 1 license still work?

Yes. Your Depence 1 license will not be affected by the discontinuation, but there will be no further updates or support. One last quality update can be downloaded as from now.

Will I need a new Dongle for Depence R3?

Yes, you would need to order a new Dongle from us, as Depence R3 utilizes a new and secure encryption system as well as a flexible licensing model.


What happens with my V:Server3?

The V:Server3 series will also be discontinued. There will be no further support. A last capacity of replacement units is in stock with us, but this quantity is very limited. A delivery of spare parts is no longer possible after sell out.

Will my Depence 1 project files be compatible to the V:Server4?

Depence 1 projects are not directly compatible. This has several technical reasons. In principle, a conversion into a Depence R3 project is possible, but this is very individual and must be checked by us for feasibility. Therefore we offer this service only on request.