Simulation & Rendering

The Depence rendering engine was specially built to handle the massive requirements of simulating multimedia shows, beeing able to simulate fountains along with stage lighting, lasers, video and special effects in a photorealistic architectural environment. Whether using Depence's internal control capabilities or connecting an external console via ArtNET, the realtime pre-visualization posiblities are sheer endless.


In addition to the included timeline-based control solution, Depence supports common ethernet based protocols like ArtNET and ACN to receive DMX signals of up to 1024 universes from external consoles. It also supports the grandMA Viz-Key to receive DMX Data from grandMA systems. Bi-directional connections to laser control systems like Pangolin Beyond or LA Sollinger allow a realistic visualization of lasers. Media-Servers like Resolume can be easily connected via the ethernet based broadcasting protocol NDI.

Physical based Rendering

The material system included in the Depence rendering engine offers many features and texture channels, which are required for physical based rendering. Thereby a material is no longer a simple texture, it is more like a physical representation of a natural surface, usually called “substance”. Hundreds of materials are included in the library and you are also able to import your very own PBR substances and materials from any source. Even build your own by using tools like Substance Designer. Furthermore, Depence comes with several customizable water shaders to simulate realistic pool, pond or sea water.

Asset Cloud

With the release of Depence we have integrated a cloud-based database to instantly provide an always up to date library for our customers. Fixtures, trusses, models and materials will be frequently updated and automatically synchronized with your machine.

Keyframe Animations

Create complex keyframe animations directly within the show timeline and synchronize them to your show. Depence also supports character bone-animations, which lets characters walk along a spline. Even animate driving cars across a rail-spline, while the AutoDynamics feature will detect movements and automatically rotates wheels according to the movement of the vehicle. You can also create natural camera paths by using different keyframe easing options.

3D Import

Import your own 3D models created in other software such as Cinema4D, Sketchup, Maya or 3DMax with a single click. Depence supports most known 3D file exchange formats such as FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, OBJ, SKP and others. 3D models can be imported with different sorting and optimization options. That way it is easy to apply materials or changing single objects after importing them into your workspace.

3D Editor

The 3D Editor of Depence perfectly copes with a fast workflow. Easily drag models and materials into the 3D world or directly onto 3D splines and arrange them with just a single click. The spline tools are powerful when it comes to the arrangement of fixtures. To create your own shapes without any external 3D program, the software also offers various procedural primitive and nurbs objects. Several grouping and layer functions will help you to organize bigger scenes.

Video Animation Rendering

Share your designs by rendering high quality video animations. Depence offers video rendering up to 4K resolution with super-sampled antialiasing. Animations together with show music can be directly encoded into H.264 MP4 video files.

Render Images

Render high quality images in up to 8K resolution for high quality printed materials. Edges and textures are super-sampled in order to provide sharp and natural looking scenes without aliasing.

Long Exposure Rendering

In reality, moving show parts like fountains, fireworks and special effects are photographed with a longer exposure to get stunning and artistic images with motion blur. Now it is possible to render a defined loop-region on the timeline in a single long-exposure image.

VR Support

Even if real-time the rendering performance is the biggest challenge in multimedia visualization, we decided to add experimental real-time VR Support to Depence R3, which of course requires even more horsepower in terms of computing. On the other hand, VR Support will beam you straight into another world!

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