Show Control & Visualization


Depence is a unique application, which combines the design and visualization process with the potential to control the real show. The rendering engine of Depence uses latest technologies to simulate multimedia installations with realistic results. With show design becoming more and more complex, using more and more varieties of different elements and media, Depence is the ideal platform to control and pre-viz your entire show. All physical and controlling characteristics of the equipment are simulated with real-­time accuracy. Depence eliminates the guess work out of visualizing your designs.

With a clear focus on creating perfectly synchronized multimedia shows, Depence features a user-friendly workflow to program complex shows in a visual timeline environment, combined with a real-time 3D viewer. Powerful automation and logic features in combination with our stand-alone hardware playback servers provide you all you need to bring your show to life.

Show Trailer


Multimedia Visualization

The inbuilt 3D engine of Depence is the world's first Engine, which truly allows you to fully simulate and visualize fountains along with stage lighting, lasers, video and special effects in real-time. With its environmental rendering capabilities you can integrate your multimedia show into a natural architectural scene.

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Show Production

The creation of multimedia shows can be hard and complex and you have to rely on your imagination for most of the time until you will see your final show. With Depence you can finally concentrate on the design, story and programming, seeing the results visualized in real-time. Depence is fully optimized for highly synchronized multimedia timecode shows. The flexible workspace user-interface gives you a full overview of all features and windows while designing and programming your shows.

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