X4 Design Collective presents: “EDM Waterworld”

X4 Design Collective presents: “EDM Waterworld”

The X4 Collective, a group of German designers, programmers and most of all professional creatives are bringing their expertise and experience from the real-life entertainment industry to the virtual world by relying on the design and visualization capabilities of Depence.

“VR, xR and aR productions, that feel real and have a real live feel is the result of bringing together decades of experience in the real world and the willingness to push boundaries in today's virtual environments.“ – X4 Design, Press release

Founded by none other than entertainment production specialists Michael Kuehbandner, Markus Neubauer, Roland Greil as well as artist Haegar, the team at X4 focuses on production design, lighting design, and an over all holistic approach to perfectly merge together their trades in the virtual world. Having worked in a wide spectrum of the entertainment industry, the group also has a deep background and understanding in 3D real-time visualization.

“The new digital age opens up a variety of possibilities for the entertainment, as well as for the corporate production sector. The client benefits from the added value through the combination of cost savings through pre-production, manifold creative possibilities and reduction of the productions CO2 footprint through reduced rehearsal and travel cost.”

With the help of Depence, Syncronorm’s high-end multimedia show design & visualization software system, X4 are able to transfer the heart and soul of real live events and entertainment into the digital world. X4 have created a series of fictional show cases as a proof of concept first, displaying the potential of their work. The first part, as depicted here, thereby features a big scale EDM event, which was designed and created 100% digitally.

“The over all production design includes a dome structure with several moving truss circles and a floorplan with different floor elevations, canals and bridges. The whole show is designed around the element of water and all the other visual elements like light, video and pyro blend into a harmonious whole.”

Realized completely in house, the production includes 19 virtual cameras, which were rendered out for the video edit and finalized internally with a FinalCut Multicam System. Audio, including music and SFX as well as mastering were also done in house. Animations for virtual characters were rigged and animated in house, while host and DJane Laura was lit and filmed in a real in house studio and then integrated into the virtual scenery afterwards. Next to the powerful Chromakey Feature, which allowed the virtual integration of Laura, the Mass Crowd Tool of Depence was used to animate a huge audience, which is cheering and applauding the performance virtually. The show was produced on a GrandMA3 System driving a total of 28.723 parameters.

Further info: www.x4.design