Warning about Scam & Fraud

Warning about Scam & Fraud

Unfortunately, Depence has been the target for scammers operating from China. We would like to warn our customers and clients that these individuals are pretending to sell licenses of Depence, but together with our Chinese partners at Dasheng Studio and the best lawyers in this field we already have identified several people behind this group and are acting against them.

We do everything possible to protect our users, so please take care and keep your eyes open. Seeing something suspicious? Feel free to contact us any time and we will see the necessary steps through.

Please make sure to only buy official Syncronorm products through our official sales channels and from registered partner companies to avoid being the victim of a fraud.

Do you feel like something is unclear or seems false with your purchase? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly via info(at)syncronorm(dot)de or reach out to us here.
Make also sure to follow these simple steps to prevent any fraud or deceit from the start:

  • From whom are you buying? Check your contacts. Are you in correspondence with an official staff member of Syncronorm or one of our distribution partners?
  • Want to buy used products? Please contact us first by sending a message to info(at)syncronorm(dot)de or by using our contact form.
  • Double check your invoice. Have you received an official document, provided by a staff member of Syncronorm or a distribution partner?

Double check your wire transfer details. Syncronorm will never ask you to change bank details once we have sent you an official invoice or wire transfer instruction. In any case, do always use the bank details, which are stated in our official documents.

Syncronorm would once again like to state, that copying any kind of intellectual or physical property owned and developed by Syncronorm is illegal and will be handled as a crime, which will be punished with all legitimate consequences.