Van Phuc City Fountain | Created with Depence R3

Van Phuc City Fountain | Created with Depence R3

Syncronorm's multimedia show design and control software Depence R3 is used in the flourishing water show market 2023 with brilliant success, with ever newer and more spectacular installations. The latest version, Depence R3, offers breathtaking possibilities to design fountain shows as cost-effective and close to reality as possible and to control the actual installations as well. These possibilities were also used by the British fountain show designer Greg McLenahan for the brand new Van Phuc City Fountain in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Fountain show designer Greg McLenahan of Entertainment Concepts Ltd was contacted by client Avante to assemble the show control system for the Van Phuc City Fountain and to create the 30 min long opening show of the installation. The Project uses the Syncronorm Depence R3 System and is run off a V:Server4. With the help of Depence, the control specifics of the fountain could be arranged beforehand at ECL’s offices based in the UK from client’s drawings and specifications. This file was then sent back to the client to enable them to do on site testing during commissioning of the show using the real equipment. Videos were then sent back to ECL and they matched elements such as heights and motor speeds to the Depence simulation to make it as realistic as possible. ECL then started creating the 30 min show that was just for the opening was created off site by utilising Depence R3. During this time sections were remotely uploaded to the system to view progress. Once the show was completed ECL went to site to fine tune the entire show which used Water, Fire, Lasers, and Projection. Syncronorm's specially created hardware, such as the V:Server4, also makes it possible to control the multimedia show elements on site, with full reliability and 100% compatibility with the Depence control system. From the idea to the planning to the implementation. With over 20 years of experience in development, Depence is the only show software system that offers an integrated workflow for fountain installations and comes with a water simulation that is unparalleled on the show visualizer market. The V:Server4 also had a series of Test Buttons included on it to enable the on site Technicians to do simple tests during the daytime for Maintenance purposes. After an extensive training, new shows are regularly added to the installation using Depence as well as the playback options of the V:Server.


67 x 2 Axis Moving Nozzles

31 x 3D Moving Nozzles

10 x 3 Axis Moving Nozzles

110 x Valve Jets

87 x Air Shooters

3 x High Jets

2 x Arc Jets

11 x Flame Jets

3 x Lasers

3 x Video Projectors