Syncronorm @ UWT China Forum&Expo 2019

Syncronorm @ UWT China Forum&Expo 2019

Syncronorm attends the UWT China Expo 2019 on September 18th – 20th.

As one of the largest trade fairs for water technology on the Asian continent, the UWT China Expo 2019 is one great place to show Syncronorm’s innovative & renowned fountain control systems such as Depence & its highly awaited successor Depence² in the detail.

The UWT China Expo 2019 introduces the newest information concerning the global & international water industry, be it in view of topics just like recyclable energy, the development and utilization of water resources or the promotion of water technology related products. As the installation of fountains in a designated environment greatly improves livability for all, Syncronorm’s high-end soft- & hardware products are a great addition to the overall range of expositions of this trade fair. Here, highly sensible topics like water resource management or the building of high-quality waterscapes are enriched with a display of tools to achieve new goals in creating exactly these conditions & structures.

Providing a high-end trade platform, where all sorts of different industries come together to exchange ideas and visions, the UWT China Expo 2019 is happening for the 19th time, opening its gates for countless excited visitors & promoters. As in other years, around 50,000 water engineers are awaited to visit the Expo, too. On September 18th – 20th September 2019, Shanghai will be the place to be for everyone interested in water technologies and familiar themes beyond. The Syncronorm team will gladly answer all questions & give an in depth look on all their fountain related products displaying the company’s newest inventions at booth F20. The fair regularly starts at 09:00 local time, visitors will have the opportunity to be around until 17:00 local time each day.

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