Tomorrowland 2020 | New 3D-Technologies in Use

Tomorrowland 2020 | New 3D-Technologies in Use

The world-famous Tomorrowland will happen all digitally in 2020, taking online live stream experiences & crowd-immersion one step further.

Titled “Tomorrowland – Around the World” the innovative & breathtaking festival experience will use latest technologies in 3D design & visualization to create a unique atmosphere & virtual place for its attendees. To transport the exceptional feelings & emotions which are integral parts of the festival experience, the designers have created a whole virtual island with different locations, stages & areas, all with different themes & looks.

We at Syncronorm are more than proud to be a part of this design process as our latest show design & visualization software system Depence² was used alongside latest rendering technologies to create parts of this extraordinary virtual music event. The digital festival will take place on the 25th & 26th of July.

Over 60 of the biggest artists of the world have pre-recorded their performances in 4 green screen studios. The video data was then re-organized and digitally integrated into the breathtaking renderings, done by the Tomorrowland design-team, who has created a huge digital universe, especially conceptualized for this particular cause. The goal: All festival visitors are supposed to experience a most immersive and unprecedented music festival which includes everything such an event would need, e.g. special effects, fireworks, laser shows, a realistic crowd and sound effects. The technologies needed for this project were brought together by the in-house creative team of Tomorrowland in collaboration with several partners. Live video, stage lighting, visuals and effects, feature film and gaming technologies alike were used to create a once-in-a-lifetime event. “Tomorrowland – Around the World” sets out to bridge the gap between the real world and a virtual environment like never seen before.

The 3D stages designed by Tomorrowland are imported [N.B.: into Depence²] and layers of show elements, lights, attributes and environments are added. Depence, a platform that is typically used to visualize show elements such as lighting, lasers, visuals and other effects, is used for most indoor stages where the show elements are key to the performance.

– from: Tomorrowland offers a glimpse into the technological masterpiece of its digital festival (2020)

Together with the team at Syncronorm the designers were able to add volumetric light on the virtual sets of the performing artists. All technical elements of the show itself were programmed by the skilled team which is also responsible for the regular editions of Tomorrowland. The combination of a lively visualization & the iconic stage designs of Tomorrowland result in a most realistic image:

We gratulate all team members of this huge project for their phenomenal technical accomplishments.

Additional facts:

  • Tomorrowland has built 4 different large green screen studios around the world.
  • All cycloramas (or infinitywalls) were 6m or higher, at least 8m wide, and at least 8m in depth.
  • On top of the 6 4K ultra HD cameras, a number of virtual cameras were created per stage, allowing the director to choose up to 38 cameras at the Mainstage.
  • Each stage has its own unique 16 square km surface with 32.000 trees and plants.
  • Over 280.000 virtual people each have their own attributes, such as flags or lights.
  • The digital 3D environment of Tomorrowland Around the World is made up of 10 times more polygons and lights than an average modern computer game.
  • There are more than 750 virtual lamps per stage, all drawn by hand.
  • There is about 300TB of raw video footage.
  • Tens of different render engines (render farm) are working 24/7 to process all the data.

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