“The Moment” - Lighting Design by LEAD

“The Moment” - Lighting Design by LEAD

Tel-Aviv based lighting & stage designers Omer Israeli & Dor Aichner, together better known as LEAD, used Depence to pull off one of the most innovative show concepts in 2021.

„We do not play by the rules and in fact, there are no rules other than those we create for ourselves.” This was the mission which production company OTD Global got from client company Rapyd on their first meeting and the lead motive with which they began their creative process. The goal was to create more than a simple event, which ultimately ended up in a super creative event campaign involving various companies, creatives as well as artists.

Together with their client OTD Global, lighting & stage designers LEAD created “The Moment”. A new and anonymous brand with resulted in a massive 10-days-long event which was happening in various places all over Israel’s capital city of Tel-Aviv. The eye-catching triangle symbol, which was created for the “The Moment” and which was a central design element of this corporate event, was ever present over all of Tel-Aviv within this exciting week, packed with intriguing pop-up parties featuring famous top tier DJs, branded merchandise, drones in the skies and much more. After ten days, finally, the title “Rapyd” was revealed. The highlight of the campaign was the company's party, which included almost 12 hours of music played by some of the world’s most known DJ’s: Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Nervo, Skazi and Intected Mushrooms. This massive event took place in two different locations – it began on the rooftoop of Tel Aviv’s famous Azrieli towers and continued into a crazy after party in Expo TLV that ended 12 hours later. The campaign generated huge attention and attracted public relations and interest among potential employee audiences.

The triangle shape was key to the design of the whole event. Taken from “The Moment” logo it has been used as a repetitive motive in different variations along the design. This also is reflected in the event layout, which features a 250 meters large triangular truss ceiling, light arrangements, LED screens and ultimately a huge triangle made of 16 Jorgos RGBW LED fixtures that were pixel mapped. This key element changed its angle and position above the stage through the length of the evening.

LEAD made extensive use of the Depence show control & visualization system by Syncronorm to plan and realize the stage as well as lighting design for this event: “The integration with Vectorworks through MVR saves a lot of time and it feels smooth and easy to draw in Vectorworks and render and pre-visualize in Depence.” Omer tells us. For LEAD, the greatest advantage regarding Depence is the rendering engine, which allows to create stunning visuals including most realistic materials and textures which respond to light as in the real world. They also made extensive use of the mass crowd feature, which lets you fill a huge stadium with thousands of virtual people with a couple of mouse clicks.

„Added to that it helps the designer to test and examine new concepts and ideas it has also been a huge time and money saver. The fact we are being able to pre-program a whole show in our studio and save time on set is a huge gamechanger for us, for the production and for all involved vendors.“ – Omer Israeli, LEAD, 2021


The Team involved:

Production Company: OTD Global
Client: The Moment (By Rapyd)
Technical Director: Rei Ben Tzvi, Jacob Glickman
Head Producers: Dana Klein, Liron Merker
Creative Director: Adi Lipsky
Event Designer: Shlomi illani
Light & Stage Design: LEAD (by Omer Israeli & Dor Aichner)
Lighting Operators: Naor Bonomo, Omer Israeli, Andrea Beckerman, Erik Mahowald, Gabe Fraboni
Video Content: Studio Insight, TwoFiftyK
Lasers Operator: Dor Aichner
Lights & Sound Vendor: Sincopa ltd.
Stages & Truss Vendors: Stage Design ltd.
LED Screens Vendors: Kolshar ltd, CleanLED Ltd
Neonflex & LED Tubes: LEDArts ltd.
Lasers: Saar Lasers, NRGSound
SFX & Pyro: MegaNight
Photographers: Eclipse Media, Ran Bergman


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