SETUP | Pushing Boundaries with Depence

SETUP | Pushing Boundaries with Depence

For their mind-blowing mix of contemporary art, lighting design and programming, international stage & lighting design studio SETUP count on Syncronorm’s multimedia show design & visualization software Depence.

Founded by Znamensky Dmitry, Novikov Stepan, Zmunchila Pavel and Anton Kochnev, each member of the team has extensive work experience within the industry, bringing their ideas together to explore expressive opportunities provided by the newest technological advancements. SETUP aims to create installations and multimedia works that can shape the physical perception of the environment and help explore possibilities of image manipulation. SETUP use Depence to reach their high aimed goals and to create artistic scenes and lighting designs for various events, e.g., raves or concerts. Their work not only led them to the collaboration with major music venues and festivals in Russia but also Ukraine, Germany, Romania or even Vietnam.

Together with Nechto Records, DJ Nastia and Qievdance, the next big upcoming event on their roster will be a special secret gig planned for May 15th 2021. SETUP was invited to design the stage for NECHTO and have used Depence to pre-visualize their vision and to explore the possibilities of their current stage setups.

The main features of the new stage setup are focused on the way how screen content is handled. The bottom line of the design is that the image which is broadcasted on the LED screen wall can be deformed at any given time in such a way that it looks three-dimensional. This is achieved by reprojecting a rendered image from a camera with the same parameters (e.g., position and viewing angles) onto the screen plane. To realize this special effect, SETUP logically connected the patch on TouchDesigner  via NDI and ArtNet directly in Depence. The visual capabilities then were expanded even wider by using TouchDesigner to move and cut the video content.

In addition to simulated 3D content, SETUP also implemented some other interesting visual and technical ideas. 80 Acme Dotline 360s will be placed along the edges of the LED wall, each with 12 diode light sources so they completely frame the screen. A signal then will be sent from TouchDesigner to Depence, which allows the lights to automatically turn on as soon as the video content hits the edge of the LED wall. In this way the content will be perfectly framed and appear to be floating at the top of the venue. In addition to that, Depence allows it to visualize volumetric light, which, for example, is visible in smoke areas. For SETUP this is a huge advantage in comparison to other software products and enhances the quality of the visualization by a huge step as it adds a lot more atmosphere to the scene.

SETUP Design: