RISE | 4K Lightshow made with Depence

RISE | 4K Lightshow made with Depence

Using the time resources given by the stop of real-life events, Emanuel Jörgner, Austrian stage lighting design professional, took the opportunity and created a massive virtual open-air stage, inspired by the famous ‘Waldbühne’ Berlin, as well as a thrilling multimedia show rendering, all by using Depence as his favorite tool of the trade.

Released on the 16th of March 2021 and titled "RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive) – 4K Lightshow made with Depence² " the show can be seen on Emanuel’s YouTube channel. The Timecode-based show, the set- and lighting design as well as the programming and video content were all created by Emanuel alone. Inspired by the great and famous ‘Waldbühne’ Berlin, an absolute cult open-air venue in the German capital and many other great projects from colleagues from and beyond the Depence Community, Emanuel gathered ideas for the “great picture” at first and then added these ideas matching to the actual song to get the best results in show dynamic and look. Next to the show light, the design was aimed to include LED walls, video content and pyro effects. The first drawings were done on paper, then transferred to the Sketchup drawing software. The 3D objects like the stand, stage, riser and so on then were imported to Depence and painted with textures. Trusses, lamps, pixel stripes were then added via Depence separately. The overall set design is aimed to be elegant and simple; the focus is clearly on content and the interaction between the visual components.

After finalizing the design, Emanuel used Adobe After Effects to create the video content itself, which then was matched with the music and the virtual video walls. As the creation of the video content was ongoing, Emanuel already had ideas for the mood of the show lighting and its combination with other visual effects. Light and pyro effects were programmed after the video content was set and done and integrated into Depence via the Resolume software. To capture his show, Emanuel programmed four different camera angles and tracking shots:

“A great feature, which I value greatly regarding Depence, is to have the opportunity to record the DMX input of the show. Because of this, it is possible to render the visualization in the best possible quality.” – Emanuel Jörgner, 2021

The show itself was programmed via GrandMA2, the virtual fixtures used consist of GLP JDC1s, Robe Pointes, Robe Mega Pointes, Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Robe Spiiders and LED strips for the floor lights. The content was imported to Depence by using ArtNET from the MA console (for the show lighting) as well as NDI from Resolume (video content).

“I am really valuing the possibilities to render and the realistic and fantastic display of textures, beams and all other show components. The modern workflow allows me to construct designs and change things very fast. Features like animated artists and an animated crowd are great for virtual productions as well. The fast support and very helpful Facebook Community as well as the updated fixture library are the icing on the cake.” – Emanuel

More from Emanuel: https://www.instagram.com/emanueljoergner