“Projet 51.51” by Double Clique & Lune Music

“Projet 51.51” by Double Clique & Lune Music

With different perspectives to the live entertainment world, French design team Double Clique joined forces with the electronic music label Lune Music to combine lighting design, scenography, 3D simulation as well as video art in a unique way.

Having a whole new generation of shows in mind, the group around Louis Demacon and Feust Light decided to target virtual shows as the next big evolution in entertainment, the “event 3.0”. With the help of Syncronorm’s multimedia show design and visualization software system Depence, the team was able to realize a stunning integration of DJs, producers as well as artists in a true-to-life lunar setting.

Teamed up with the L’Assommoir production team for video broadcasting as well as Quartierlibre for event hosting, the shows were broadcasted back in April and additionally relayed to the YouTube channel of Lune Music to be rewatched. The goal of the stream was to achieve the record of 51 hours and 51 minutes in electronic live streaming, in reference to the French La Marne department.

The virtual festival was constructed in a realistic 3D representation of our Earth’s moon, which allowed a futuristic and artistic design approach. With the help of Depence, the team was able to implement a large and fully animated virtual crowd, outfitted with lighting bracelets which supported the mood of the actual show. The artists were integrated via NDI and the Depence chroma key feature, whereas cameras were programmed via DMX, giving the whole event a realistic touch. In addition to that, the FOH of a real festival was imitated, by having welcomed a lighting technician for each day of production. This was also represented in the virtual world as well - 21 hours of incredible live production were done in just 3 days.


Technical Overview:



34 Robe BMFL Blade

40 Clay Paky DreamPanel Twin

50 Thomas FL1300

72 Elation Protron Eclipse

40 Robe Megapointe

8 Robe ColorStrobe 60°

24 Robe Ledbeam 150

6 Led Ring RGB DJ booth



16 Moteur Asservies



23 X-Flamme F8

12 Tilt X-Flamme F8

21 Co2 Jet



500m² Mur Led


Some Numbers:

15 Day creation 3D/ design

10 Day settings/ programming

21h Operating/ 3 live night

10 Artists

1 Green screen 11x 3 m

330 Fixtures

23 Univers DMX

19 Screen

3 Midi Controler

60 Liter of beer

120m Truss box 400mm