PGL Major 2021 in Stockholm | Virtualized with Depence

PGL Major 2021 in Stockholm | Virtualized with Depence

With 2.7 million viewers at peak time, this year’s largest competitive CS:GO E-sports event, the PGL Major 2021 in Stockholm, broke viewership records. Syncronorm’s multimedia show design system Depence was used to help virtualizing various production elements and tweaking the overall workflow.

After two years on hold, the elite E-Sports event finally took place again with a real-life audience and was streamed simultaneously on Twitch, the worldwide place to be streaming platform when it comes to video games. The CS:GO category was instantly rocketing to the 5th place of the worldwide Twitch streams as well as the 7th place in the top 10 most popular E-Sports events in all history. With a sum of 2 million US Dollar the tournament also had the biggest prize pool in the history of the Counterstrike franchise.

The team at Syncronorm is more than proud that the creatives at Bombee Event Production took advantage of the Depence multimedia show design system, which was used in great extend to help creating this stunning event. We also had the chance to have a word with Edvard Hansson, lighting designer and operator at the event, who gave us some insight in his work.

“Having a modern, powerful and advanced platform like Depence that specializes in our industry and utilizes these modern techniques opens up the possibilities to be more creative and improve the situation awareness for all parts involved, improving the end product as a whole for our customers.” – Edvard Hansson, 2021

The Depence system was mainly used to virtualize the whole venue, Hansson tells us. Cameras were implemented virtually as well as the NDI video input and automation which was sent directly from the game played at the event. The stage design and lighting design where also virtualized by using Depence, Hansson says. The trussing was imported via MVR. File support directly into Depence, which helped a great deal to display the venue as detailed as it was scanned beforehand. Main highlight of the production and workflow was the 3D spatial scanning of the venue, which then was transferred to Depence. This grants the maximum level of virtual detail as seen in the renderings of the event. With the scans, the team created a point cloud consisting of 9.8 billion points from a total of 21 scanning locations inside the venue.

“As our industry grows and more advanced technologies evolve, we believe we will see more features from other established industries like the gaming industry, construction industry or maybe IoT.”



Customer: Valve / PGL

Bombee Event Production AB:

Project Management / Logistics: Gustav Karlsson
Stage Designer: Thomas "Toiva" Savolainen
Game Automation and LED content: Philip Björkebro
Lighting Designer / Operator: Edvard Hansson
Photos: Edvard Hansson (Bombee) / Stephanie Lindgren (PGL)
Depence Renders: Edvard Hansson

Everything regarding stage logistics, design, rigging, lighting, LED, SFX and stage systems were planned and supplied by Bombee Event Productions AB.


Rig Specs:

526 sqm of LED
2104 LED panels
36,4 million pixles
759kw power
103 hoists
17 trailers with equipment
477 lighting fixtures
9x4k Video outputs to feed the LED screens
6600pcs cables
655m truss