Urban designs & natural forces in Naya Raipur

Urban designs & natural forces in Naya Raipur

Syncronorm supplied Ripples Fountains with the versatile Depence fountain control software and powerful V:Server U8 hardware unit to create a brand-new musical fountain feature at Naya Raipur, India.

Located about 17 km south-east of the regional capital Raipur, Naya Raipur is serving as the administrative center of its state. Combining the infrastructural needs of industry and trade within the region, the planned city covers a vast area of about 8000 hectares and confers the possibility to house up to 450.000 people. Surrounded by the cities of Raipur, Arang, Mahasamund, Raijim and Abhanpur, Naya Raipur embodies the vision of a green city, which not only reflects the culture of the area, but modern urban design and architecture combined with elements of nature. With comfort for its citizen as a high goal, business offices and art galleries with lakes and botanical gardens were built next to one another, while the Naya Raipur Musical Fountain presents a wonderful eye-catcher right between. When technological striving and forces of nature come together, an increased quality of living is guaranteed.

The show at the Naya Raipur Musical Fountain took 5 months to create and was declared open on 26th June 2018. While the project was executed by Ripples Fountains, Syncronorm provided the relevant soft- & hardware components such as the fountain control system Depence and the V:Server U8 unit. The use of Depence made it possible to program and realize this extraordinary time-based show with all its features like water, light, laser and projection alike. To implement the best outcome possible, all projections as seen were programmed with Syncronorm’s VPlayer, an extensive tool for time-based, synchronized video output.

Floating in a lake, the Naya Raipur Musical Fountain has a total size of 75m x 14m. The maximum height of the installed jet-fountains thereby is approx. 30m, whereas a 12m x 36m water screen displays the video material. Operating with 20.000 Lumens, the projectors are powerful enough to burn the candle at both ends. To spectate this gorgeous show, up to 500 seats are placed in the nearby Viewer’s Gallery.

Syncronorm are very pleased with the successful conclusion of the Naya Raipur Musical Fountain project and are happy to have contributed a real benefit for the whole region.

Further components used at the Naya Raipur Musical Fountain:

1 x Depence

1 x V:Server U8

180 x Static nozzles

20 x 2D Robotic nozzles

21 x 3D Robotic nozzles

4 x Flame Canon

6 x Flame with Water Jet

260 x 34w IP68 DMX controlled lights

109 x 400 KW submersible pumps

2 x 7w LPS Laser