Moon Man’s Landing Festival visualized w/ Depence

Moon Man’s Landing Festival visualized w/ Depence

For the first annual Moon Man’s Landing Festival 2022 in Cleveland Ohio, creative firm Raw Cereal relied on Syncronorm’s multimedia show design software Depence as a necessary part of production. The festival was curated by artist Kid Cudi, in whose performances Depence has been used as a visualization and design tool for some time now.

“Pre-visualizing a performance is a common workflow for any of our projects” says Anders Rahm, a longstanding member of the Cudi visual team and EP/CD of the project and Partner at Raw Cereal. “On many occasions, we’ve been able to show Scott/Cudi what his performance will look like to the audience and make notes or comments from the comfortable location of a rehearsal studio. Our pre-visualization phase with Depence allows us to plan each show before it loads-in and show any of our clients the lighting, video, special effects, and more, all programmed beforehand.”

Lighting Designer and Programmer of the project, Austin Schneider also uses Depence anywhere he can, and comments on the high frame rates on his portable machine. “On a plane or backstage at a festival, having Depence in my pocket gives me confidence that my programming is ready for the live show and my presets will match what is onstage. Programming brings out the details in the music, and Depence brings out the details in the production that I can see up close on a screen down to the pixel, which is very necessary with today’s multi-instance and pixelated fixtures.”

Alongside the Raw Cereal team, laser operator and programmer Macy Rupp with StrictlyFX used Depence to pre-program the lasers for this performance as well, making it a cohesive workspace for the best show possible.

“The workflow is too simple”, says Jacob VanVlymen, Associate Designer and Technical Director on the project. “We were able to move from Vectorworks to Depence using MVR during the design process, showing us what we needed to see and even test ideas. There are no hoops to jump through and it works, our creativity has no limits when using Depence.”

“We will continue to use Depence as our pre-vis tool, and we look forward to seeing the software become the best it can be, allowing us to provide our clients with the best shows we can come up with, much thanks to Depence for the great product.” Cort Lawrence, EP/CD and Partner at Raw Cereal.


Creative Direction:

  • Raw Cereal
  • Anders Rahm
  • Cort Lawrence

Screens Director:

  • Raw Cereal
  • Eric May
  • Grant Draper

Show Design:

  • Raw Cereal
  • Austin Schneider
  • Jacob VanVlymen

Laser Programming:

  • Macy Rupp


picture copyright by alivecoverage