Live Legends | ‚Back to live‘ in China

Live Legends | ‚Back to live‘ in China

While the return of events in Europe is still being tested due to the pandemic, Chinese clubs are opening again, and the scene is up and running at full speed. The Dutch “Experience Design” studio Live Legends are operating on the Asian market as well, as they have opened the doors for a fourth “One Third” club there. The stunning club design and lighting were visualized with Depence.

Live Legends aim to create legendary live experiences, which guarantee a lifetime impression. The OT (One Third) Cities Gui Club in Nanning adds to that as it takes the Chinese club and dance culture to a higher level. The OT Cities Gui let’s you experience a unique evening, where a visual story is being told, which establishes a real connection with the visitors. Spectacular shows bring old and new worlds together. Daan Oomen, creative director at Live Legends was mainly inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the region, be it the architecture of the green city of Nanning, the people, music or nature of the Zhuang tribe. All this was considered and played an important role in designing the club, the shows as well as the whole interior.

“Our goal is to bring the rich and beautiful culture of the Zhuang Tribe to the visitors of the club. We do that by mixing traditional cultural elements with modern technology. In this way the history of the Guangxi province connects with the local Millennials and Generation Z’’ – Daan Oomen

Live Legends create the concept for each of the “One Third” Clubs individually and are also responsible for the entire creative process. This includes show production, interior design, light, video and laser as well as motion design. The shows are being pre-programmed and were also visualized with the help of Depence. Local teams are being trained to operate the shows and maintain the systems of the clubs for international DJ crews, who are planned to visit on a regular basis from now on.

Live Legends take on the challenge of going “back to live”. They believe the magic of real events is coming back. Together with the NOA Group, client and initial brand owner of One Third, Live Legends successfully celebrated a huge grand opening, which lets the scene hope for more to come in the future.

‘’We literally and figuratively receive the keys of the newly to be opened venue. From that moment we start working on the design concept. We develop the club design, shows concepts and guest experience from scratch. You feel the magic of our work once the guests are impressed and emotionally connected to the shows for the first time’’


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