Laser Studio UA | Depence delivers endless possibilities

Laser Studio UA | Depence delivers endless possibilities

Stating that a modern event isn’t complete without the integration of projections and multimedia technologies, Laser Studio from Kyiv, Ukraine, are counting on Syncronorm’s multimedia show design & visualization software system Depence, to plan & realize their various projects, ranging from product presentations to inauguration ceremonies or simply fictional show experiments.

We have talked to Yevhenii Poriadyn, main man behind the studio, who gave us some interesting insights at three totally different design approaches the designers have created within the last couple of months and even back to mid Covid pandemic.

At first, we have Laser Studio creating a show for the presentation of the latest Toyota Land Cruiser 300 model, which had to be done mid pandemic with full respect for the safety of the audience. The event agency which had worked for Toyota came to Laser Studio because they proposed to do a virtual 360° presentation, which then was realized with the help of Depence. The flexibility in creating textures and materials in Depence, was a huge help to the realization of the project, as the car was modelled in a most realistic 3D model and then presented in an exact 3D copy of the Kyiv metro room. Set designer Sandro Koridze created a fantastic virtual light show, which accompanied the presentation most phenomenal. The show was programmed via lighting desk in the studio and then streamed via DMX. The project then was rendered in stunning 4K 360° video quality.

The second project, Yevhenii told us about is the opening show for the all-new Bucha Shopping Center in the suburbs of Kyiv. The customer asked Laser Studio for a specialized multimedia show with a focus on maximum accuracy. For this reason, Laser Studio again relied on Depence and its powerful visualization capabilities. The modelling took place in Depence only, after receiving detailed drawings provided by the client. The shopping centre’s architecture was emphasized to build a fitting light show afterwards as centre for the stage performance. It was decided to mainly use high-power laser projections, all included 1:1 in the extensive Depence fixture library, simulating reality in a detailed and accurate way. Building the actual show was then coordinated very well due to the detailed Depence visualization and its compatibility to Pangolin Beyond. Therefore, all preparations of the laser content were as well done in Depence.

Finally, Yevhenii introduced us to a third project, done with Depence. The most recent show case depicts the opening celebration of a factory near the city of Kryvyi Rih. The show was given some extra with the implementation of a drone show, which was enhanced by laser effects from the ground. Depence perfectly fit for the task because of the complexity of the show as all features could be visualized in one. The location area is 60.000 square meters with the Kryvyi Rih National University as centre of the installation. The show consisted of 150 drones as well as four towers spread over 100 meters where 16 laser projections were integrated.

“Depence is a fantastic program that renders beautiful videos and images. This makes it possible for technical services to be prepared in advance.- Yevhenii Poriadyn, Laser Studio UA, 2022