KVANT Show Production rely on Depence

KVANT Show Production rely on Depence

Forward thinking & highly progressive company KVANT Show Production are relying on Depence to grant constantly evolving and top-tier-technological multimedia shows for their clients.

Having newest technical solutions always in mind, KVANT Show Productions are a Slovakia based internationally operating multimedia show production company, who provide highest-grade events on a world-wide scale. Adapting to the recent times and a global pandemic, KVANT were looking for new creative ways to continue bringing exciting show experiences to their audiences, thus Syncronorm’s show design & visualization software system Depence was their first choice to go with.

“Virtual studios have grown in popularity across the world, and we see them more and more often. We knew we needed to bring this new kind of space to our market for LIVE events that are shared on the internet.” – Jakub Dibdiak, Light Designer, KVANT Show Production s.r.o, 2021

KVANT Show Productions aimed to create a virtual space for a wide range of digital show realizations and a space, which catches and holds the viewers eye at first glance. For this reason, a virtual spherical dome with a diameter of 20 meters was digitally created and visualized with Depence. In this unique virtual environment, a wide range of utilizations can be undertaken, e.g. 360° video projections as a central design element of this virtual presentation space.

Depence2 is a great piece of software that provides great help with a really convincing multimedia imagery for use with lasers, lights, video projections, LED screens, special effects, etc. I believe that great projects will soon be brought to life with the help of this great software.”

With the help of Depence, KVANT Show Productions are able to create visually impressive light atmospheres in real-time, including highly accurate looking rays of light. In recent years, such previews were not possible to being realized until now. Here, Depence offers realistic and physical-based light rays and beams on a whole new level of quality.


More info: www.kvantlasers.sk/pages/showproduction