HAIM USA Festivals ‘21 | Ti²² Design count on Depence

HAIM USA Festivals ‘21 | Ti²² Design count on Depence

London based lighting and show design creative team Ti²² Design relied on Depence for the remote show programming and design for the band HAIM which toured the US in 2021.

Ti²² Design specializes in the live, concert and touring side of the entertainment industry, while Depence is being used both for creating initial pitches for stages as well as for the previsualization of shows. We spoke to Elliott Mountford, Director at Ti²² Design, who gave us some interesting thoughts on his work with Depence.

“Depence helped us on this project particularly because I couldn't fly to the states - And I was working with a USA programmer/operator. Depence allowed me to render out exactly what I wanted it to look like […].” - Elliott Mountford, Director Ti²², 2021

As the festivals played by LA based pop rock band HAIM needed to be designed and preprogrammed from London, Syncronorm’s multimedia show design and visualization software Depence was a huge help in the overall workflow of Ti²² Design. The support of .MVR files in Depence made it possible to easily import the stage drawings and to fluently get going with the show design. As the stage rig was changed for different venues, adjustments could be made very quick and effectively, especially for the festival house rig. The virtual camera of Depence also helped a lot to simulate different angles regarding the stage and to see where improvements could be made, also from the audiences’ perspective, as the indoor festival was a seated event. The team at Ti²² Design was also able to bring in NDI into the LED screen model from Resolume to test out various video content and to see whether all was working in combination with the lights.

“I’m most looking forward Depence becoming the new standard for festival previz, having lights, lasers, and video all together. […] Having a new industry standard for these departments will make everyone work closer together, rather than separately.”