grandMA3 viz-key support | now with Depence 2.3

grandMA3 viz-key support | now with Depence 2.3

It was a long journey, and it was one of the most frequently asked questions of our customers – How to use a grandMA3 System for pre-programming, without the need of external processing units?

MA Lighting has created a tool which exactly solves this problem: The grandMA3 viz-key!

With the release of our latest software update Depence 2.3 the support for the grandMA3 viz-key is officially available. The grandMA3 viz-key was made to establish a stable and safe connection between visualization systems and grandMA3 consoles or grandMA3 onPC software. Simply connect the grandMA3 viz-key to your Depence machine and all needed visualization parameters are activated automatically.

That means you can visualize your show with up to 250.000 parameters even with the grandMA3 onPC software without additional hardware.

Use the combined power of our latest Depence update 2.3 and the grandMA3 viz-key to pre-program and realistically visualize astonishing multimedia shows in real-time, whether you’re using a console or just your PC.