Fluidra use Depence for the Turkistan City Hall Fountains

Fluidra use Depence for the Turkistan City Hall Fountains

With the help of Syncronorm’s multimedia show design & control software Depence, globally operating water feature specialists Fluidra were able to create an impressive fountain installation including a water and light show with more than 1000 water jets at Kongress-Khol in Turkistan.

The ingenious built installation is consisting of a Funsquare-type ornamental fountain, with a water show, which is divided into six jointly operating areas. It is located in Turkistan, Kazakhstan, a city which has been entirely redesigned and renovated within the last few years, having new shopping areas, residential areas, universities, hotels and much more integrated into the townscape. The fountain can be found in the central square of the new congress center of the city. Fluidra has supported Aqua Engineering with this turnkey project.

"This project involves more than 1,000 jets, requiring planning and organisation that Syncronorm's Depence software was able to deliver with an agility we have not experienced with any other software.

The fountain itself consists of various elements:

  • 2 large central Funsquare-elements with 384 units of Switch Jets each individually controlled, a total of 768 jets each of the jets with an IP68 led. In both Funsquares are spraying and flood effects to create a sheet of water on the mirror-like surface.
  • 2 smaller Funsquare-elements located in the upper part with 110 jets each, a total of 220 jets.
  • Depence software system & V:Server hardware unit as integrated water management system
  • Additional Funsquare with 18 jets of the Vulcano Nozzle type in the upper central part of the installation.
  • 2 elongated glasses can be found in the initial part, that have a total of 24 Cascade-type jets, 72 submersible RGBW-type LEDs and a total of 168 LED strips.

The Depence system is used to manage the entire operation of the fountain. This applies for lighting, the operation of pumps, valves and so on. Different shows are loaded into the system to be played according to the time of day.

“The visualizer together with the sequencer is the tool that we have appreciated the most in this project. Its reliability and versatility of configuration to adapt it to our needs, have made it possible for the process of creating the choreographies to be very fun and easy.“

The design of the fountain itself was submitted by the client, while Fluidra supervised the installation process as well as the correct configuration and created the choreographies for the fountain show. The first steps in the creation of the installation were thereby to create drawings, on which the Depence file was based. After that a list of equipment, mainly for pumps, valves and lights was created, the basic choreography was programmed, and scenes were finally edited. The next step was to configure the profiles of the water fixtures as close to reality as possible. This was also done with Depence, without the need to be on the installation site.

“We from the Fluidra Commercial Pool & Wellness Division always work with reliable and efficient systems in our fountains projects. That’s why we choose Syncronorm to design and develop these kinds of installations. We are very pleased about the way it performs.”