Fairground Festival 2023 | Pre-production w/ Depence R3

Fairground Festival 2023 | Pre-production w/ Depence R3

As in their numerous previous show projects, the interdisciplinary motion design and show development studio visualprime relies on the latest version of Syncronorm's multimedia show design and visualization software Depence R3. The studio, which specializes in live entertainment, draws on a wide range of skills, and combines event technology and classic design disciplines to offer customized solutions for its clients. Depence R3 helps the four-person crew to implement and realize their concepts for the event, show, trade fair and television sectors. Founded in 2000 as a pure motion design studio, the areas of lighting, video, media technology, specialist planning, event IT and, of course, operating and preprogramming have been added over the years.

“The design process for lighting, video, laser and stage design is generally carried out with Depence R3, as we have a closed workflow from design to preprogramming and can also deliver impressive preview renderings.” – Uwe Schröder, visualprime

To realize their vision at last year's Fairground Festival in Hanover, visualprime once again relied on the Depence software system, specifically version R3. In the first year, the studio was responsible for lighting and video operating as well as FOH at system level, while in the second edition taking place in 2023, they were also responsible for the design processes of the lighting, laser and video design of the three floors as well as for the technical advancing of the guest operators. The client here was the organizer himself, as he, like the team at visualprime, appreciates the direct contact, the "short official channels" and, above all, the all-round support they have provided. The same applies to communication with the technical service provider.

While working with Depence, visualprime particularly appreciate the extensive possibilities for displaying light, video, and laser. Flexible working without being tied to a fixed workplace also made production much easier as the general technical service provider was located in the Czech Republic, the organizer in Hanover and the team at visualprime in their design studio in Cologne.

“Of course, it is an immense advantage for us to be able to use screenshots and video renderings from Depence R3 to very quickly turn ideas into images that the customer can understand and to respond to customer requests. At the same time, we can also clarify many technical aspects with the technical service provider in advance, which significantly simplifies the preprogramming process.”

After the final design decision with the customer, visualprime were able to go straight into pre-programming, while the specialist planning was carried out by the technical service provider in close coordination. Preprogramming in the studio enabled the team to save an immense amount of time on site in Hanover and also made things much easier for the guest operators at the festival, as extensive technical advancing with patch and show files, video mappings and show files for the laser system could be provided. At the festival itself, Depence R3 was also available together with a lighting console to offer guest operators the possibility of extensive and stress-free pre-programming if the programming slots in the sound check were not sufficient. This option was also gladly used.


(c) pictures on location by Maximilian Steinke, renderings by visualprime