Depence² | 'Diamond' show concept

Depence² | 'Diamond' show concept

Syncronorm presents another example of virtual aesthetics, designed & visualized with our innovative, high-performance multimedia show control software Depence². Composed by Flo Erdmann, lighting designer from Germany, the project is based on geometrical forms as a motive, highlighting them in a surprisingly suspenseful way.

The project, simply called “Diamond”, was created within the framework of a 3D model of the “Festhalle Frankfurt”. It is a purely fictional project, which was intended to test the performance & features of Depence² for the time being.

“I chose the location because I like the architecture very much. The steel girder construction has a charm all of its own.” – Flo Erdmann

The design is built around a three-dimensional rhombus as the central stage element. It measures 6 diameters in total, while 3 LED screens are arranged in the same way above. The screens are suspended vertically & tilted forward. A diamond shape is built in front of the LEDs as well, containing X4 bars & Mega Pointe moving lights. The stage also follows this form and is flattered by two lines of X4 bars. Mega Pointe fixtures are also installed behind the central rhombus element, creating a special depth effect. The set contains 90 x Robe Mega Pointe, 88 X4 bar 20 from GLP and nearly 400 Astera Titan Tubes in single pixel mode. The central diamond was completely equipped with the Titan Tubes and mapped with a Resolume System.

“Depence² allows me to prepare shows in a quality never seen before and this with an absolutely manageable effort […]. Working with the software is clear and simply structured. The .MVR Import allows me to import my VectorWorks plans with just a few clicks and thus visualize the idea quickly.”

The show has been recorded via DMX stream within Depence², a total of 2 camera flights were also rendered. All work was accomplished in Erdmann’s very own studio in Solingen, Germany.

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