Depence² | Software Update 2.1 now available

Depence² | Software Update 2.1 now available

We are happy to announce the release of the latest Depence² software update 2.1 which is available as from now. This update is free and comes with a lot of new features as well as improvements.

Depence² version 2.1 includes:

  • New integrated Chroma-Key & Masking feature
  • New Axis-Aligned Billboards
  • Optimized Alpha-Masking & Shadows
  • New Keyframe Animation Import
  • New Camera Import
  • New Color & Intensity handling supporting the JDC1 in all modes
  • New “Fake-Focus” option
  • New Global Wind settings
  • Improved Timecode synchronization
  • Improved omnidirectional Lights & Shadows
  • Improved Library Window
  • New FAN Tool (Programmer)
  • New BPM features (Sequencer)
  • Optimized Programmer
  • Optimized Fountain rendering & simulation
  • Improved Selection Tool
  • Optimized Patching

… and more!

Please find the full changelog in the software documentation & the Depence² manual.