Depence² | Sensation ‘Monument of Light‘ | Teaser

Depence² | Sensation ‘Monument of Light‘ | Teaser

Dutch event professionals T-Minus design are a widely oriented team of creative and technical specialists with over 15 years of experience, who have helped to bring back the legendary ‘Sensation’ alongside various partners in 2020. Sensation - ‘Monument of Light’ is a huge multimedia show & an epic comeback for this cult event, which was installed within the famous Johan Cruijff Arena, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The all-new Sensation ’Monument of Light’ is aimed to be a flag of hope and faith since the original plans for the show had to be canceled due to the ongoing virus situation. The show was realized without any kind of live crowd and created by the original Sensation team around creative director Sander Vermeulen of ID&T. The music was composed by Joshua Dutrieux & the show was created in a collaboration with T-Minus design, who were responsible for the lighting design and programming .It was broadcasted on the 4th of July (the original date for the event in Amsterdam) and can be re-watched here:

We at Syncronorm are very happy that we had the chance to contribute to this amazing project, as the show was pre-programmed & visualized with Depence². For this a 3D model of the arena itself was imported into Depence², after that 484 fixtures as well as the aesthetics shaping mannequins were placed virtually. The show in combination with the custom-made audio track was then programmed via ArtNET on a MA3 and NPU, all independent from location within the studio. The virtual camera of Depence² thereby allowed to simulate the drone shots, which were taken in the arena. In this way it was possible to take dramatic shots & to stage the mannequins in a perfect light.

“All was programmed in the studio. The set was built and recorded on one day, so accuracy was key. […] The visualisation gets really close to reality, what helps if there is limited load in time.” – Sander den Otter, T-Minus design

T-Minus design have used the Depence² Stage & Animate modules for the pre-programming process as well as the animation. Here, Depence² helped to create previews with perfectly synced audio.

For more information about T-Minus design, please visit: