Depence² | Andrea Berg MOSAIK-Live Arena Tour

Depence² | Andrea Berg MOSAIK-Live Arena Tour

With the famous German pop hit act Andrea Berg’s most recent MOSAIK-Live Arena Tour, evento PSC from Germany have realized a great set of multimedia live shows concerning show production & service.

The most recent MOSAIK-Live Arena Tour of the famous German hit-act Andrea Berg is a huge spectacle and fuses a massive set of multimedia shows including great deals of organization & logistics. With equally great performances and breathtaking show elements, a more than enthusiastic audience repeatedly is taken away by a most detailed & well-planned production, which was started way back in 2019. The show production thereby is realized by evento PSC from Germany, which already have been working on various indoor arena shows & events in the past, delivering a great result based on their vast experience within the multimedia show business. Syncronorm is happy to have had contributed to this enormous live event series by providing the newest version of our Depence² multimedia show design & real-time visualization software system. The show was designed & planned with Depence², while the sophisticated visualization was used to beforehand preview all the elements & different phases in the most realistic way, helping operators, designers & artists alike.

Syncronorm had the opportunity to speak with Gustavo Buss Cárdenas, who is responsible for the studio department at evento PSC. Together with his team, he helped to realize the different show segments of the tour by programming & visualizing them in Depence². The renderings not only helped to realize the artists vision, but also to monitor the production on location.

“Here, Depence² reaches a very high level of performance, stability & realism. […] The pre-programming and the resulting presentation for our customers are particularly to be pointed out.” – Gustavo Buss Cárdenas

evento is using Syncronorm’s Depence² visualization system alongside powerful hardware, e.g. light desks, and in combination with other 3D rendering software as Depence² supports a flawless integration into most workflows & systems. Set up in a specifically arranged studio environment, evento are producing most complex multimedia shows always being able to consider looks & presentation during every step of the production process. Depence² has become an integral component of the studio’s workflow.

“Pre-viz products seriously are forming a great proportion of the show production process, with a rising trend. They give us the opportunity to try out different styles & designs beforehand and to cost-effectively present these to our customers. […] Because of the neat workflow, long technical rehearsals and over-night programming on location are history.”