Depence 2 | Rock in Rio demo by "von | Berg"

Depence 2 | Rock in Rio demo by "von | Berg"

Under the name of “von | BERG“ a new promising joint venture, founded by German multimedia show designers Flo Erdmann & Dominik Doehler, is using Depence² to set new standards in pre-programming & visualization.

To make a statement within the scene, the two well experienced show designers took Syncronorm’s powerful & innovative show design software Depence² and created the “Rock in Rio Demo Project” showcase. “von | BERG“ are trying to deliver the most realistic images of what is technically possible. Specialized on multimedia show visualization, all customers are free to concentrate on their visions & ideas as ultimately can they rely on “von | BERG“’s know-how to create virtual worlds.

“Taking Depence² to its limits is hard work” – Flo Erdmann

Flo & Dominik decided to build an extraordinary showcase project, which is based on a virtual version of the famous Rock in Rio stage, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

"Rock in Rio" is a festival series which has enjoyed great popularity for years and is a constant in the worldwide festival scene. We used the unique stage as a test object to try out the limits of Depence2. One thing in advance: We did not reach them. The goal was to visualize a surrounding scenery and not just a stage show, as is so often the case. – von | Berg, 2020

This large-scale project is a demonstration of what can be achieved by using Depence². The project is versatile and of a most realistic character and was created without any compromises in thought. Flo & Dominik decided to focus on this particularly distinctive stage, because its look has a unique value of recognition. Furthermore, the two driven designers not only wanted to show the stage itself, but the whole festival area and to bring in as much detail to the design as possible.

These small details create a very close connection to the real thing. For example, characteristics such as the rotating Ferris wheel, illuminated stands, a moving/animated crowd and a dynamic camera cut are bringing in a huge level of realism. As for the DMX camera: “von | BERG“ are proud to have such a special feature now added to their portfolio of services. The light- and pyro-show were recorded at first simultaneously to the DMX camera, all via DMX stream. The 4K imagery was rendered afterwards. The show itself was created with the Stage, Animate & Special FX modules of Depence² & programmed on a GrandMA3.

“The type of texturing possibilities and the associated realistic display as well as the import of bone-animated characters raises preprogramming to a new level.”


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