Concept K | A Design Institution using Depence

Concept K | A Design Institution using Depence

Created by Frederic Fayard over 25 years ago in 1997 in France, Concept K, as a creative company, represents a true institution. Using Syncronorm's multimedia show design & visualization software Depence, the team at Concept K is thereby equipped with the latest technology to turn their ideas into reality. As most experienced users of the software for many years now, both large and small show projects have been successfully implemented around the globe in recent years. Some of these highly prestigious projects are large-scaled events in over 50 countries on five continents by clients such as FIFA, UEFA, NETFLIX and many more.

“As a multimedia design company, Concept K needed software like Depence to consolidate all audiovisual effects in the same software, control them through lighting consoles, and create realistic renderings to expand our market and communication.” – Theo Broche Cannone (Lighting & Multimedia Designer, Concept K) 2023

Concept K segments its work into three main areas. On the one hand, there is the field of Creative & Artistic Assistance, which mainly takes care of stage and scene lighting as well as multimedia artistic management. This includes the design of light, laser, video content, water effects as well as special and sound effects in pre-programming as well as on location, where the Depence software is used and is extremely helpful. The second main pillar is the R&D segment and the provision of the respective know-how for various types of projects. In the in-house creative studio, the Depence software is also used to create complex multimedia 3D simulations and to present the customer with a realistic scene design that comes as close as possible to the later result. Finally, Concept K's offer is completed by the calculation and run-through of potential projects. The experienced team can draw on years of know-how in the industry and takes on consulting functions in close consultation with the project planning on site.

“We are used to working with Depence, on very large projects, such as the Forever Multimedia shows in Asia, the Formula 1 track in Jeddah or the tallest building in the world in Dubai, as well as many more. We use lighting, lasers, video projection and LED walls, fountains, fireworks, 3D and scenography; all working together.”

The team has gained several years of experience with the Depence software (multi licences including full one) and Concept K can no longer imagine its workflow without it. For them, Depence represents a holistic software solution that they feel will become even more popular in the coming years, and that its technical capabilities will continue to grow as well.