Citysound NYE | Indianapolis

Citysound NYE | Indianapolis

Local artists from Indianapolis were performing New Year’s Eve in a virtual streaming music festival at, the concerts were visualized with the help of Syncronorm’s show design software Depence & aimed to raise money for a local homeless outreach program.

Full video report on WishTV8:

Due to COVID-based regulations for new year’s celebrations in the US, organizers Ross Phillips and Daniel Griffin came up with the idea to host an online event showcasing DJs from Indianapolis, all to raise money for those in need.

“We use a software from Germany called Syncronorm [N.B.: Depence]. We basically put the artist in a 3-D environment from the green screen footage, and what that allows us to do is build a lighting rig just like you would see on any concert. We can do it all. We can build whatever we want.” – Ross Phillips, Organizer (via WishTV8)

Depence played a key part in realizing the project, as due to the ongoing pandemic, no live shows or tours were possible at all. The team around Phillips then decided to put their live experience into play & to use it to create a virtual show environment as well as the shows itself in Depence, mirroring their live rigs. The artists were placed into the design by using the chroma-key function of Depence, which allows to record protagonists in a green screen studio & then to include them into the virtual world. In this way 2 unique stages were created, giving 19 artists a platform to play their music virtually.

More information about the stream & the donations can be found at: