‘World Record’ fountains controlled via Depence

‘World Record’ fountains controlled via Depence

Syncronorm is more than proud to have been part in creating the longest choreographed fountain system to date: The Bucharest Fountains in Romania, now officially priced by the World Record Academy.

"As a result of the modernization, the wells in this area will become a central point of urban attraction, which will offer to Bucharest and tourists shows of water, lights and music." – Garbriela Fiera (General Mayor of Bucharest)

Re-designed by Apa Nova Bucharest, the Bucharest Fountain consists of 44 independent fountain segments, all installed along the 1.4 km “Union Square” complex in front of the Romanian Parliament Palace. Each segment of the installation comes with a dedicated musical theme and soundtrack, color palette and choreography, while water screens create a huge multimedia platform, where projections dedicated to Romania are displayed on a large scale. Each show lasts about 45 minutes, the access is public and for free.

20 high capacity computers provide the basis to control this vast setup as Syncronorm’s fountain control software Depence is the key to monitor the entire length of the installation between Constitutiei Square and Alba Iulia Square. While Oase Germany helped constructing & realizing, Depence was the first choice to bring the Bucharest Fountain to life. The Union Square fountains were originally built at the end of the 1980s and were modernized just recently back in 2018. A total water surface of 16,200 m² speaks for itself, as the Bucharest Fountains are one truly unique sight in Europe.

Further information: https://www.worldrecordacademy.org/architecture/longest-choreographed-fountain-system-the-bucharest-fountains-219344