BLT Fountains Turkey

The contribution of Syncronorm products to our workflow from design to installation of the musical fountains is undeniable. Thanks to Syncronorm Depence and its powerful companion V:3D, we can now communicate our design ideas with our colleagues and our clients visually. We have realized that with the realistic 3D animations V:3D creates for us, our clients need to ask far fewer questions and it takes only a few minutes to finalize our design presentation meeting with a client. Furthermore, creating choreographies for our musical fountains has become a child's play. We can now program our fountains in the comfort of our office or even home and the process is extremely fast as very sophisticated water and lighting effects are only a few clicks away!! And above all, whenever we need support, there is always a polite expert on the other end of the line, not making excuses but finding solutions to our problems. It is good to know we have a partner who knows what we need, sometimes better than we do.

Özgür Caner Filizli | BLT Fountains / Turkey