From Realizzer to Depence²

Dear Realizzer Customers,

Within the past 2 years since release, Depence has been established itself as a great performing and highly reliable multimedia show control & design tool and has been received very well by professionals within our industry, which is simply overwhelming to us. We at Syncronorm are more than proud of all the great projects, which have already been realized with the help of Depence since. We welcome you to see a selection of these Depence show projects here.

Since our Realizzer product range, which was ultimately merged into Depence, was discontinued in February 2020, we must inform you that official support for Realizzer will end on 31 December 2021.


What does this mean for you?

Realizzer was officially discontinued back in February 2020. Realizzer will not receive any further updates or support as from 31. December 2021.

Why is this happening?

The recent version of Depence 2 is a combination of our development experiences with Realizzer as well as our former fountain control system Depence version 1. With the ever-expanding technology within our industry the need and necessity to add other technologies such as water and special effects to your designs has become a must-have. Depence is a modular based software system, which can be put together just as your work demands, allowing you to use cutting edge effects and multimedia show elements in your show. You can find all necessary information regarding the different modules of Depence here.

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The entire team here at Syncronorm would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past business with Realizzer and look forward to working with you all closely using Depence². Please visit our website or our Facebook page to see some of the exciting projects our clients are already creating with Depence².



Will my Realizzer license still work?

Yes, even if you move to Depence² or not, your Realizzer license will still work.

Can I load Realizzer Projects in Depence²?

Yes. Depence² comes with a Realizzer Project Importer.

Do I need a dongle now?

Yes! Depence² licenses are secured by a USB Dongle.