Depence R3.2

The second minor update of Depence R3 includes many new features and improvements. Notably, the recently introduced indirect lighting is now enhanced by a new ambient occlusion technique, which provides better shading in indirect light. Additionally, new features have been added, such as the Crowd Focus, New Firework Types, Timeline table view, OSC Tracks and many more!

This update is free for all Depence R3 users, who will get an automatic update notification.


Whats New

New Indirect Shadow

These provide more realistic indirect shadows for objects outside of direct light. Especially in conjunction with the new Ambient Light, this looks even more realistic

Crowd Focus

The crowd characters can now be automatically aligned to any target object, so all characters will look at this point.

New Firework-Explosion Types

With the release, fireworks shells in heart, circle shapes, and other combinations will be available in the library.

Firework effect replace

It is now possible to easily replace fireworks effects on the timeline with others from the library, while keeping all shots and settings intact.

Performance Optimization

Realtime performance has been optimized, especially for transparent objects and lasers

New Bounce FX

In the effect generator, a new bounce mode can now be activated, which allows many more new types of effects and looks.

Record Scene with MIDI

It is now possible to record scene blocks in the timeline via MIDI. This allows for the quick programming of complex shows. Especially fast and targeted block-sequences can thus be created quickly.

Sequencer New Table View

The timeline is now also available in a tabular view. In this view, you can edit times more specifically. This is especially helpful when creating playlists.

OSC Tracks

OSC commands can now be sent directly in the timeline. Via OSC, all other tools and devices can be remotely controlled.

V:Server Improvements

The V:Server can now receive RDM messages via ArtNET. The V:Server can now also be triggered by external Timecode (SMPTE, SNTC, MIDI or ArtNET-Timecode)

Full Changelog

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