Latest Update

Depence 2.3

The latest free Depence update will bring you the long-awaited support for the grandMA3 viz-key. We are also proud to be the only visualizer which is capable of simulating the brand new DeskDough by Stops & Mops. Next to some general improvements as well as other stunning new features we have also revised the rendering of water effects in Depence, which now is even closer to reality than ever before. We like to thank our awesome community for lots of great feedback and are more than excited to see your coming Depence projects!


Whats New

grandMA3 viz-key Support

Depence now supports the MA Lighting "viz-key" which enables all MA3 parameters without the need of any addtional NPU hardware for visualization purposes.

Improved Fountain Lighting

The rendering of direct and indirect lighting of fountains has been improved a lot with this update. Underwater spots now also scatter the light back under the watersurface.

DeskDough Simulation

The DeskDough, made by StopsMops, is a new type of media server which allows you to use any Video-Projector in the same way as usual intelligent lights, but with tons of additional possibities. Depence exclusively supports the visualization of this awesome effect.

Improved Programmer

The programmer comes with new view combining modes which help to keep the overview even with most complex fixture types.

Improved Laser Rendering

Depence now comes with an expirimental implementation of the new Pangolin BeamBrush® feature, which allows to create stunning new effects.

New Camera Selector

The new Camera Selector object allows you to switch between multiple camera objects via keyframes. In this way you can create stunning cinematic camera moves with ease.

New Logic Features

Logic items can be now grouped into containers and reused in different scenarios. It is now also possible to write values into global variables which can be used on the Live-Panel. It also got the new controls Static Value, Multiplicator and Bitwise Shift.

New Effect Editor controls

The amplitude and cut values can be now adjusted way more easy with combined faders.

Multi-Mode/Address Fixtures

Depence now supports fixtures with multiple DMX Addresses as well as Mode selections.

Vortex Effect

Depence now brings you the so called Vortex Effect of the Clay Paky B-Eye series created with rotating lenses.

Focusing using Shortcut

Simply focus the selected fixtures or Camera to any 3D position while holding the f-key and left click with your mouse.

Fade- & Delay Profiles

The Sequencer now offers custom Fade- & Delay curves for smooth non-linear scene transitions

Full Changelog

Check out the documentation for a full changelog with all info about new features, fixes and improvements

Release Notes