Latest Update

Depence Release 2.2

The latest free Depence software update is now available. For this release we have focused on the current demands of the market, which have changed significantly due to lockdowns and nearly non-existing real life shows. For that reason, we've developed a lot of new stunning features and improvements which will help you to produce even more immersive and stunning virtual experiences as ever before.


Whats New

Mass Crowds

The ‘MassCrowd’ object renders thousands of animated characters in real time. It comes with perfectly optimized models in more than 10 variations and unique animation sequences. Crowds can be generated procedurally by many given parameters.

Depth of Field

The simulation of the ‘Depth of Field’ (DOF) effect drastically improves rendering quality and realism. The Camera object comes now with more physical parameters like focus distance, sensor size, f-stop and more. All parameters can be recorded as keyframes on the timeline.

NDI Recording

It is now possible to record an incoming NDI video signal together with DMX into a Multimedia Track. Now Depence also allows it to render a video by using external media servers for the video.

Minuit Une IVL Support

Depence comes now with support for the IVL Lighting Fixtures by Minuit Une. These are pretty special DMX controllable laser fixtures with countless show design possibilities. We are the first company who really took the challenge to implement the visualization of these complex fixtures as realistic as possible.

Drag Objects into the Library

You can now drag your fixture combinations or other grouped objects into the ‘MyLibrary’ window. This window has also been upgraded to manage the folder structure.

Improved Hierarchy Window

The ‘Hierarchy’ window, which makes it possible to manage the scene-graph has been improved. It is now possible to drag & drop multiple objects at once as well as to locate an object by the shortcut "o".

Selective Volumetric Beams

It is now possible to select whether a light beam will be rendered or not. This can be set for each Fixture and is really helpful to save performance while pre-programming, while keeping the fixtures active once in the final render.

New Application Settings

The application settings dialog has been completely redesigned. It now has a lot of new settings and it is now also possible to change the resolution for shadows and projections.

Chromatic Distortion

Sometimes imperfections can increase the level of realism. Next to Dirtlens, Lens Flares and Glow the PostFX now features a Chromatic Distortion, which simulates the chromatic aberration of a camera lens.

Improved Sequencer

The Sequencer of Version 2.2 has been updated with several new features and improvements. For example, the Markers now got an own Track type and audio files can be dragged from the windows explorer onto the timeline. It also got new zoom-bars and a preview mode for the main scrollbar.

MIDI Nodes for Logic Module

The Logic Module now got MIDI-Note nodes to read and write MIDI Signals in any logic sequence.

Improved Programmer

The Programmer now also displays the used Effect, Delay and Phase. From now on, it is also possible to change a value by dragging your mouse up and down over a cell while holding the right mouse button.

Support for our new USB-SMPTE Interface

Depence now supports our new external analog SMPTE-Timecode USB Interface. It can be used to send and receive SMPTE-Timecode for synchronization, in the case that no V:Server is connected.

RDM over ArtNET 4

Depence now has full RDM support over the ArtNET 4 protocol.


Especially for virtual Events and XR Studios, the 3D tracking of cameras and actors can be essential for a great experience. In this latest update, we've implemented a new Camera as well as Group Objects, which can be routed to tracking devices. Depence 2.2 comes with the support of PosiStageNet and SPNet protocol.

Full Changelog

Check out the documentation for a full changelog with all infos about fixes and improvements.

Release Notes