4-Port DIN Rail Ethernet DMX Node

Ethernet DMX-RDM Node

XND-4D is a user-friendly Art-Net and sACN to DMX converter supporting up to for DMX universes. The DIN rail mounting as well as the RJ-45 & terminal ports predestine the XND-4D nodes for use in fixed installations.

Since most major lighting consoles and installation light controllers are capable of transmitting Art-Net data, XND-4D is all you need to take advantage of your device’s networking capability, allowing you to transmit a vast number of universes over one single network cable.

Furthermore, the XND-4D is also perfectly suited to send DMX data to your fixtures from a computer or even from a mobile device. Many light control-ler programs for PC or Mac support Art-Net or sACN output natively.

Thanks to the integrated DMX merger, the XND-4D is capable of merging two signals together, which is a great feature for installations with multiple light controllers.

Key Features

DIN-Rail Mounting
Full RDM-Support
DMX Signal Distribution
Dimensions176.5x90x63mm DIN Rail
Power Supply10-48V DC
Operation Temperature-30..55°C/0..80% humidity
Outputs4x Output DMX-RDM
InputsRJ45 Ethernet
ArtNET Ver. 1, 2, 3, 4 & sACN
Order NumberSN-STNODE-2T