DIN Rail Installation Splitter (ISP)

DMX-RDM Splitter/Booster

The DMX splitters of the ISP-4/ISP-6 line of products boost an incoming DMX signal and provide it on four/six output ports. This allows for safely going beyond the 32 devices limit of the DMX standard, as well as for building star topologies.

Providing four/six individually optically isolated outputs, as well as an optically isolated input, the ISP-4/ISP-6 splitters may prevent harmful voltages applied to a given port from affecting the other ports and damaging the connected equipment. The bidirectional ISP-4/ISP-6 splitters work within DMX/RDM environments, as well as in pure DMX environments.

The ISP splitters also act as repeaters, and thus they may be used for transporting a DMX signal across larger distances. An ISP splitter may completely clear the disturbances if it is connected at a location where the signal is still “readable”.

Key Features

DIN-Rail Mounting
DMX-RDM Splitter
Optically Isolated
Full RDM Support
Dimensions124.5x90x56mm DIN Rail 6.5U
Power Supply10 - 48 V DC
Operation Temperature-30..50°C/0..80% humidity

4x Opto-Isolated Outputs DMX-RDM

1x DMX in (RJ45)



Order NumberSN-STSPLT24-02