World's first

Fountain Visualizer

The Depence software suite comes with our integrated visualizer: V:3D which is a realistic real-time visualizer created especially for multimedia fountains. Pre program a complete multimedia show while simultaneously rendering fountains, lighting, lasers, flames and video projections all in a real-time 3D environment. Furthermore, V;3D offers highly realistic & stunning 3D surroundings perfectly framing your fountain show. In addition to that you can easily render high quality video animations of your project, which can be presented to your clients.


Our most innovative concept of dependencies allows you to connect different types of active and passive water fixtures just like valves, pumps, lighting and nozzles. The engine comes with many special fixtures to realistically recreate specific behavior like the timing of air-shooters or zooming-fountains depending on the differential pressure of two pumps. While every fixture is built in a hierarchic scene-graph, it is also possible to build any kind of motorized 2D or 3D fountain fixture.

Lighting & Laser

With the support of major laser control manufacturers (i.e. Pangolin, LA-Sollinger), the 3D Engine offers full Laser Beam and Projection visualization in Realtime. It also supports the rendering of intelligent lighting fixtures such as Moving heads or Scanners.

Fire & Water

The Depence particle engine features the physics to simulate flame effects such as flame jets and flame-fountains, a spectacular combination of fire and water. Create breathtaking effects as you use indirect illumination and the interaction between water fountains.

Video Projection

Using internal media sources, it is possible to simulate video projections as well as video walls by using your own video material. The 3D engine provides video projector fixtures together with options for geometric correction and masking to recreate every kind of projection mapping. Depence also supports the NDI (Newtek) live-video-broadcasting-protocol.

3D Import

Depence V:3D offers up to 20 fully supported 3D-model-formats, which can be imported from major 3D editing software such as: Cinema4D, 3DSmax, Maya, Sketchup and others.


Our high-end 3D-engine displays realistic environments and architecture rendered in real-time, including reflections on water surfaces, simulation of day or night and ambient occlusion.

Video Rendering

V:Pad gives you the opportunity to directly create camera movement within your show-timeline and to render high quality animation videos of your entire show.