River of Life project Kuala Lumpur

Syncronorm were supporting A. S. Engineering to revive the Klang River, passing through Kuala Lumpur, by providing our fountain control system Depence as well as our V:Server hardware unit for its all-new main fountain sector.

To greatly enhance the quality of life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, the Klang River, formerly mistreated by overly industrial usage, now flourishes anew as the River of Life project was already launched back in 2012. The 1.3-billion-dollar project thereby contained of three measures: cleaning the river, restoring its streambed & finally beautifying the river to worthily represent the city of Kuala Lumpur as the jewel of the region. Syncronorm are more than pleased to contribute to this plan, since we gladly supported Malaysian A. S. Engineering by providing our fountain control system Depence Ultimate as well as our U16 V:Server unit to help realizing a beautiful river area.

Transforming the Klang River into a new vital part of the city itself, the River of Life project covers an area of about 781 hectares and 63 hectares of river course, which are also supposed to reconnect the river to its surrounding community. As heart and soul of the newly constructed urban area around the River of Life, a fountain with 148 solenoid valves, a fog system, 3 spinning nozzles, 5 movin fan nozzles and around 168 LED’s was realized, all next to the river section itself with its own fog system, arching nozzles and about 640 LED’s at hand.